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Personalized Parent Education Available in Spanish and English


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to quality parent education.



Helping schools build capacity with our quality parent education workshops. 

FOCUS:  Our parent  engagement programs provide parents with the information they need to know in order to make the dream of a higher education for their students a reality.

A Custom-Designed Curriculum


Research-based curriculum

Flexible schedule 

Innovative approach

Inclusive of all parents


What schools are saying about our program


What parents and schools are saying about our parent education program:

  • The instructors really take the time to explain complex material in a way that makes sense to parents...
  • We love the variety of topics and flexibility the organization offers... now we can provide more workshops of interest for our parents... 
  • Having workshops in the morning, afternoon and weekends has allowed  more fathers to participate in the workshops...
  • We are totally impressed with the quality of the workshops and the innovative delivery approach which has allowed the school to be more inclusive of all parents regardless of the language they speak...
  • We appreciate the ability to have a custom-designed curriculum based on the needs of the parents parents at our school...  It is our curriculum!
  • It is refreshing to work with an organization that provides such a variety and valuable workshops for parents...
  • They really go out of their way to be innovative in order to address the needs of our parents... 
  • The workshops have truly strengthen the relationship between the parents and the school... 
  • As a result of the workshops, we have seen a significant increase in parent involvement...
  • Everything we asked for our parents, the organization delivered...

Our Focus: Helping schools build capacity


1) Parent Engagement, 2) Quality Parent Education, 3) Student Achievement

We are creating communities of informed and connected families by empowering parents  with quality education and resources.  

Our parent education program helps strengthen the relationship between parents and schools.


Parent Engagement Institute: Quality Parent Workshops

Parent Engagement Institute:  We are committed to helping schools meet their parent education initiatives and education goals through our quality workshops for parents.

At our parent institute, we believe that parent engagement has a direct proportion to student academic achievement.   Our workshops focus on the social, emotional and physical development of the students.  

Our entire team is dedicated to providing the best quality parent education.   Everyone in our organization shares the same sense of commitment to helping families in the community. 

Our team of instructors and support staff is committed to providing the best parent education and a great service to the community we serve.


Our innovative parent workshops focus on what parents need to know to help their children succeed in school and in life.

Parenting Classes Available in Spanish and English

A.M., P.M. 

Monday through Saturday

You can trust us to do the best job educating the parents at your school!